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WordPress Shopping Cart Theme

Edge Specialties is a Colorado business that sells quality high-end American Made Knives to a mostly international client base.

The Owner Travis had been using a popular shopping cart plugin for his WordPress powered website.

It was a nightmare to upgrade, and the developing company’s customer support is based in New Zealand. They do have a support forum but getting help can take days or in some cases months! Not good if you’re losing sales.

After the third major upgrade failure in a row where we lost the database, Travis was ready to give up on WordPress.

I persuaded Travis to stay with WordPress and ditch the e-commerce plugin that he was using and go with a plugin called Cart66.

I created a new WordPress theme that remained true to his brand added the no frills Shopping Cart plugin that does exactly what we need it to do: Inventory management and point of sales.

I was able to customize the website by way of the Theme using WordPress’s own best practices and standards. Allowing the website can now be upgraded at the press of a button without the stress of losing time and sales.

This future proofed the website up through the next few years saving Travis time and money while letting him focus on growing his business.

Key Features Included:

  • Standards compliant HTML5
  • Table Free CSS layout
  • Printer Style Sheet to save ink and paper
  • Multiple custom menus with Drop down navigation
  • Tested in all major browsers
  • Custom Login Screen
  • Custom True WYSIWYG editor

Favorite WordPress Customization:

As with every WordPress project, I always add in a few bells and whistles. This project I made use of the WordPress custom post type API to create the products posts. I did not want the Products to share categories with the blog posts as I felt that may cause issues further down the line.

To solve that problem I used the WordPress custom taxonomies hooks in the API . See this link if you are interested in learning more:


WordPress Theme

Visit Edged Specialties at www.edgedspecialties.com
Visit Cart66 at www.Cart66.com