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Bye Bye DMOZ

RIP DMOZ! This is unquestionably the end of an era. Not too long ago it imperative to be listed in Dmoz if you wanted to climb up the Google SERPs, search engine results page(s). I am happy that things are a lot more simple in these days of content driven SERPs.

Search engine family tree comparing 2000 to 2017
Source: bruceclay.com/serc_histogram/histogram.htm

The good folks at Search Engine Land have a nice and light blog post that glosses up the history of DOMZ, they miss out on its importance to Google in its infancy, a lot Googles foundational data is thanks to DOMZ.

For a better overview on DMOZ and its effect on the broader Search Engine world I would suggest having a look at the Wikipedia page on DMOZ

Well DMOZ in the words of the late great Douglas Adams “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”!