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Only Way Realty

Only Way Realty is a Real Estate Agency that provides its agents with the tools they need to succeed in a very competitive business. Unlike traditional agencies, Only Way Realty agents keep 100% of the commission.

Only Way Realty has operated a website for some years. With advancing technology and the rise of social media, Only Way Realty needs to redesign its website to align with the goals of the business and the target audience.

Only Way Realty needed a website that functioned as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new agents, position itself as a thought leader in the industry and provide credibility to potential new agents and buyers.

Only Way Realty approached Greenville Web Design to design and develop a new website.


Specifically, the new website needs to fulfill the following business needs:

  • Recruit new Realty Agents
  • Educate potential new agents
  • Showcase existing agents on an agent page, with photo, biographic text, web links to the website and social media
  • List agents in a searchable index
  • Allow potential buyers to contact or be contacted by local Only Way Realty Agents

Also required is a content management system that will allow Only Way Realty to easily manage content on the site and reduce administration costs.


The primary target audience for the Only Way Realty website is defined as current and future real estate professionals. A secondary audience will be members of the public looking for a local agent to work with. The new website needs to assist the target audience to do the following:

  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Be quickly educated about Only Way Realty‚Äôs mission and value.
    • Have an easy method to contact & sign up as a prospective agent.
  • Public
    • Find and connect with an agent in their area.
    • Sign up for and newsletter/mailing list.

Ultimately, the Only Way Realty website should be a useful resource for existing agents, potential new agents, and potential new realty customers.


We recommend the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that Only Way Realty adds to its members.

The new website will be designed to:

  • Separate the two different types of users, guide the prospective agents to fill out the sign up via highly visible call(s) to action

Additionally, the following “behind the scenes” features will be built-in to the website:

  • Regular pings to Google and Bing
  • Google analytics performance reporting
  • High-speed page loading
  • Anti-spam features on contact forms

Web hosting services are provided by FlyWheel.