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We have decades of experience in Graphic Design. Let us create the graphics for your next project.
We can manage the physical printing or work with your printer of choice.

Custom Logos

We can design a custom logo or modernize an existing logo for your company.

Our Design Process

Our expert designers will work with you to quickly come up with a professional logo that prints great in color and  black and white.

We’ll work with you incorporating your ideas while creating a visual work of art that represents your Brand.

We’ll provide you with a ruff sketch of ideas you and our designer have worked on during a consultation session.

The next step will happens after your approval.

We’ll take the concept we created together and generate a color separated print ready digital vector copy.

Digitize your existing logo

If you have lost your logos original digital file, or you have never digitize your existing logo, just mail or email photo or scan of your logo and let our experts go to work. We’ll trace it, clean it up and save it as a color separated print ready vector.

Our Graphic Design Services Include:

  • Logo Design
  • Logo Redesigning/ Digitizing
  • Signage
  • Stationary:
    • Business cards, letterheads, invoices and envelopes
  • Packaging
  • T-Shirts Design
  • Custom Illustration