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Website Maintenance Contracts

If you or your company need regular changes made to your web site but can’t afford to bring someone on full-time, please contact us to discuss your Web Site Maintenance needs and we’ll work out a plans.

WordPress Maintenance Contracts

If you’re interested in WordPress maintenance on a regular basis sign up at GreenvilleWeb.com, we have tons of feature and three simple plans.

Website Hosting: Server Setup

You like to be in-control of your own web site’s server, but need help getting started?

We would love to spend time with you consulting on the many options you have.  We can cut through the jargon and ask the right questions to make sure you don’t wind up with a big headache down the road.

You don’t have the time to set it up yourself, let us deal with the setup and migration of your website, we’ll have everything ready to go by the time you need it.

We’ll work with your IT people or you to make sure that you business does not mis a beat or a lead during the switch over.

Will you work with my current host?

Yes! We work well with others.

Can we host your website for you?

At Greenville Web Design we can set up your hosting at a major 3rd party Hosting Company.
We’ll handle the billing and deal with the Hosting Company on your behalf.
And if you ever wish to take over that responsibility we will had over the username and passwords to you.
Hosting Management costs starts at $400 per year per site, your costs may be higher depending on your needs.

You need Email for your Business

And we would like to save you money on your email system.

You may be paying too much for bloated software like exchange server.

You may be losing leads and missing important emails due to an unreliable email server supplied by your hosting provider.

We can help you move your existing email infrastructure online to Google’s Apps for Business.

For small business this can be a free product for up to 50 users and includes: