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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of designing and organizing content in away that you can guide the keyword phrases that the search engine matches to your website*.

So What are Keyword Phrases?

Keywords are the words on your website that is matched to the Search Terms  a Searcher enters into the search box on their favorite search engine, when the Searcher uses two or more Search Terms to find what they are looking for they are matched to a keyword phrases.

Research shows that the Searchers using four or more Search Terms are more likely to act on the result, be that a purchase, filling out a form or signing up for a newsletter.

What’s helps a website do well in the free search results?

  • Clean well written code that conform to best web standards, although not even Google is perfect here
  • Accessible websites, that is websites that are built to work in screen readers and text only browsers
  • Rich well written original content
    • Google will penalize sites that duplicate content from websites already in its directory
  • Lots of pages, the more relevant content the higher your site will rank
  • Fast loading web pages with no broken links
  • Longevity

SEO Takes time, so don’t be discouraged

Google and other search engines will not automatically feature your website at the top of the search page, if ever for the high composition Search Terms, as they want to make sure that your website is not a fly night spam haven.

Sorry there are NO short cuts, but with the right guide you can miss a lot of the pitfalls a false trails.

We can help speed it up by submitting a list of all the pages in your website directly to the Search Engines and telling how often we would like the spider to come by.

Contact us to get a consultation and a quote.

SEO’s Dirty little secret

Everyone in the SEO business has their proprietary methods, but the dirty little secret is that there are no short cuts. Optimizing your website takes work and time.

Each one of your pages provides you an optimization opportunity. This is because each page in your website will probably cover a different subject or aspect of your business.

We’ll ensure that your page’s source code is set up to allow easy indexing and cataloging. We’ll make the most of your copy, meta and title tags to squeeze every ounce of Google Juice out of your website.

We’ll work with you to assure that your website is not losing search engine ranking through direct links to third party website.

Some folks may ask you for a link to their website they may even offer you something for free, don’t do it! Nothing is for free.

This is because Google has change the way it treats external links, they used to reward websites that had many reciprocal links. That all changed due to link farms and spam websites set up by domain squatters google has flipped their algorithm to downgrade the site with the out going link.

The caveat is that incoming links still add value to your website, unless they come from a completely unrelated or irreputable origin. So please encourage your suppliers and customers to link to you from their websites.

We can work with you to get links from quality sources that will help push you up in the search rankings.

So now you know how we can help there is nothing stopping you form giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

*Any company that promises search engine placement is lying or not using ethical methods that will eventually cause their clients to be blacklisted.