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Our WordPress Services

We Love WordPress

  • WordPress as a content management systems
  • Hosting and installation for WordPress sites
  • Custom WordPress plugins
  • Custom WordPress themes (templates)
  • WordPress maintenance, including Updates, weekly backups and restoration etc.
  • Convert your current website or new design to a WordPress theme.

What is WordPress?

WordPress started out as a blogging platform but has grown into a powerful Content Management System allowing you manage your website(s) separate from the blog.

WordPress is Free!

WordPress is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2, meaning that we have full access to the code.

WordPress keeps getting better!

A core group of paid and volunteer developers are constantly improving on, updating and streamlining the code.
Each new releases are tested by the community of developers and the interested public in beta release, and after any bugs are worked out the new update is available to the public.

WordPress works everywhere!

With so many users WordPress is tested on almost every system and platform there is. So if you’re a Mac, PC or a smartphone user you’ll do fine.

WordPress is easy to use

Most updates can be made from within your web browser just by clicking the update button.
Editing and adding new pages or blog posts is simple and straight forward. The content editor has an interface similar to a word processor and gives you access to the raw HTML if that’s what you want.

WordPress is documented

WordPress offers fantastic documentation for its developers. A growing list of functions and classes with descriptions and examples are available at WordPress Codex.

WordPress is Social

WordPress has grown up in a collaborative environment made up of a huge international community of developers and designers.
We have many opportunities to meet and learn from each other at many WordCamp conventions.

WordPress is Customizable

We can apply a totally custom design to the website and still manage the content in WordPress.
This is because WordPress’ backend engine is separate to the website’s template files. When the latest updates are available you’ll be able to update the website without editing your theme files.

WordPress is expandable

WordPress has thousands of free plugins available, you can installed right in the browser and uninstalled just as easily.

Plugins run the gamut of newsletters, e-commerce, contact forms, to photo galleries. If you can’t find a plugin to suit your needs we can build it for you.

Another way WordPress customized is through the theme, (template).
By adding custom code to the theme files we can add exciting new features for the site’s front-end visitor, the users, and the administrator.

Who is using WordPress?

With a market share of 58% (Dec 2016), odds are most of the websites you visited today WordPress in some part, your competitor probably is. TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Variety, PlayStation, and Ebay are just a few of the big names using the WordPress platform today.

How can it benefit you?

Make changes and updates to your website’s text and images without having to call your webmaster or designer.

Make changes to your website through your web browser or on your smartphone.