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Kudos for Greenville Web – the story of the $100 website

Hi Andrew,
Wow! I was impressed with the quality that you provided for such remarkable turn-around time, and the miniscule amount of time you needed to complete this project. In my failed attempt to produce my primitive version of this website, I read over 100 pages of instructions, completed tutorials on the internet, viewed “how-to-do-it” videos, skimmed two books, “published” (uploaded) each webpage countless times, and spent well over 40 hours failing to produce what you accomplished in minutes. Good for you (and of course, good for me to have found you)!

Steven Heller

overlook-wordpress-websiteSteven had called up the office because he was having a hard time building his website using Adobe Contribute. Greenville Web had an old article on building websites using Adobe Contribute and that’s how Steven found us.

After a quick consultation I could see that Contribute was not the right solution and about an hour after I had received the copy and images for Steven’s website I had him set up at WordPress.com with free hosting and a great looking website.

I don’t normally pat myself on the back but after reading what Steven wrote (above) I felt that I wanted to share it.

Give maybe a call at 864-735-8378 and maybe I can save you a lot of time and money too!

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