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Help I am running out of space my iPhone!

I ran in to this just today – I have the 16 GB iPhone 5 – and I love it! While 16 Gigs sounds like a lot, and it really is.

I tend to run out of space really fast!

I have about 3 gigs of music and gig of photos tones of apps, podcasts and  audiobooks – wow to think I grew up before Cell Phones and PCs, and now I get withdrawals if I forget the phone at home. Fantastic stuff!

So one easy way to get more space without losing apps or deleting that epic sound track to life is get rid of all that “Other” Crap that our apps store on your phone.


Why do they store Crap on our iPhones?

The developers do it to make them look good and that the app is fast and snappy.

Photo apps may store a cache of thumbnails from all your photos.

Apps that rely on a web connection may store data, images and other assets to make it seem they are running faster than they are.

So what’s the solution? Dump the Other!

PhoneClean* is a great app you can download for this job, as iTunes and the apps don’t offer another way.

They have apps for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Just over this website and download PhoneClean. It’s free and has a great ★★★★☆ rating on CNET’s website**.

PhoneClean has a paid version which I have not tried, as I found that the free version is everything you want to do.

Download & Review Links:

* http://www.imobie.com/support/what-is-the-other-on-my-iphone.htm
** http://download.cnet.com/PhoneClean/3000-18546_4-75755185.html

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