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WordPress Podcasts March 2015

If you have a website that runs on WordPress you probably already know that you need to keep up with what is happening in the community behind this great website platform.

You definitely want to know about possible vulnerabilities, security updates, new features in new releases, tools and tricks that will affect your bottom line.

You could read Industry newsletters, blogs, and the official website at WordPress.org, but reading takes time that you may not have.

I suggest that you use your smart phone to solve that problem by downloading a few Podcasts that can be consumed at the gym or during your commute etc.

This is not a complete list. It is a list of active WordPress podcasts I listen to, and that have published content in the last month February/March 2015.

Feel free to let me know if I have missed an active WordPress podcast you like. Please provide a link and description, Thanks!

Your Website Engineer

Good for website owners, WordPress beginners and up.

Fantastic podcast that Dustin Hartzler works very hard on to put out weekly. I have followed this one for a few years now and don’t ever remember him missing one.

Your Website Engineer has a very good new section at the top of the show and the rest of the show is devoted to one topic, action, or product.

WP Watercooler

Good for marketers, intermediate (and up) developers interested in WordPress. Maybe a bit of the head of the average (non developer) website owner.

I love this weekly podcast – it is an informal fun developer centered round table. If you’re not a developer this is still a really useful podcast. The plugin pics are great resource.

The DradCast

Great for almost anyone that earns a living with WordPress. I wouldn’t recommend this to my clients as a lot of this is inside baseball.

This causal podcast is brought to you by two super guys, Dre Armeda & Brad Williams, the Drads.

The podcast has a guest host, normally someone behind a popular WordPress plugin, service or otherwise involved in the WordPress community at a higher level. While the podcast can sometime seem like a 45 minute promo for the guest, a lot of the time it’s good food for thought if you’re running a WordPress business. The last fifteen minutes or so are focused on WordPress news.

Don’t expect it every week as it’s put out on more casual schedule.

The format works great as a podcast but the real value is to watch it live. Pop over to the podcast website to see when the next show is.

Apply Filters

I recommend this Podcast for any one interested in creating a WordPress product or service. Not for someone just discovering the platform.

Another developer centric podcast by two wonderful WordPress entrepreneurs, Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson.

You probably use a plugin developed by one of these fellows.

WordPress Weekly

I recommend this Podcast for any one interested in WordPress

This podcast that also follows the interview followed by news format. The difference is that they guys that drive the questions are not developers making the podcast easy to follow and probably more applicable to the everyday website owner and WordPress novice.



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