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In Greenville Grok Happens

Just spent the last few days up at the Greenville Grok event. If you’ve never been it’s a small conference where you can meet and talk to almost everyone that attends.

There are no lecture sessions at Grok. Instead they break up the attendees into small groups, called 10/20s, where anyone can start a conversation about any subject.

What are 10/20s?

This is how the event organisers define them:

10/20s are mediated discussions between about a dozen participants. Any participant in a 10/20 can propose a topic for discussion. You can talk about software, your work environment, your personal challenges–anything that’s on your mind.

After 10 minutes of conversation, the session leader can choose to close the topic and ask for another. If the conversation is particularly interesting, the session leader can extend the clock for another 10 minutes, hence the name, “10/20s.”

From the Grok home page: http://greenvillegrok.com/


If you have time and the funds I think you should come down to Greenville SC next spring and hang out at Grok 2016

For me the highlight was meeting Aaron Draplin and hearing his “Tall Tales from a Large Man”.

Left: Aaron Draplin Right: Rew
A modern day legend Aaron Draplin

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