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End to a great weekend

Another great weekend comes to an end I hope everyone got down to the Fall for Greenville event. I spent Friday volunteering, got to meet tons of great people. Steveo from JackAss ran by, no one was chasing him so I guess he was just in a rush. Handed out hundreds of maps.

After my shift I took a bunch of great photos of the event.

Fall for Greenville 2015 – you can still help :-)

Did you know that it takes more than 2000 Volunteer workers to make this weekend happen?! The more of us local citizens that pitch a few hours in means more $$ go to an awesome cause!

It’s not to late to volunteer walk up to the volunteer check in at the Greenville News Plaza, 305 S Main St, across from the Peace Center. Fill in the waiver then grab a t-shirt and be a wonderful Greenville local ;-).