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Bid Heads Auction Website

Key Features

Bid Head bidders can see each others bids in real time and react to them. Turns an auction into a fun game. At the end of the auction there is random card draw where the winning bidder can choose one of three cards on screen that flips to display a bonus discount. It is also possible to be a spectator on an auction.

Favorite Challenges

  • Custom WordPress plugins to run the Auction
  • Logo Design
  • Uses Our own BeforeSite WordPress Framework along with a Child Theme
  • HTML5, CSS2/3, Query
  • Multiple custom menus with dropdown navigation
  • Tested in all major browsers and Operating Systems
    • The Web Design looks great and gracefully degrades in the older web browsers like IE8
  • Custom Login Screen
  • Custom registration sign up screen
  • Custom CSS in the Post/Page editors for a true WYSIWYG experience