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Easy Heads Up Bar

The Easy Heads Up Bar has been downloaded over 17000 times since I created it. I made it because as a rebellion against as similar bar that I felt was over priced and instead of charging for it I gave my bar away for free.

Each website can have as many bars as it needs, it has a full featured content editor and can integrate other WordPress Plugins into it; forms, slideshows etc.

New Features

  • New bar management screen
  • New bar editor
  • No limit on bar height, it will just fit your content
  • No limit to the amount of text or links in a bar
  • Add images to bar
  • Use another plugin’s shortcodes in bar
  • Choose between the top or the bottom of a page to display your bar
  • Allow your users to hide and un hide the Heads Up Bar

Classic Features

  • Customizable color schemes
  • Create multiple bars, as many as you want
  • If there is more than one bar then the bars will display randomly
  • Schedule when your bars show up by setting a start and end date:
    • The Bar can be set to expire on a specified date
    • The Bar can be set to start on a specified date
    • The Bar can be set to run between on a specified dates
  • Choose where to display bars:
    • Display on all pages
    • Display only on the interior pages
    • Just display on the home page