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BJ Adams & Co Real Estate

It is a lot of fun to work on a project that is constantly changing and improving presentation of the core message to the visitor.

Small user interface tweaks like placing the Real Estate search form front and center over the sideshow will get users rushed for time to the right place ASAP.

Evolution of the website’s design

The dynamic elements of the website are handled by jQuery and these include:
  • The Real Estate search form
    • The search form integrates with the IDX system provide by idxbroker.com
  • The weather, scraped off yahoo’s weather page
  • Large Slide Show
  • Random Real Estate Agent Rotator
    • Real Estate is a competitive business – this feature keeps the agents happy.
    • As a new set of agents will be on the home page each page load
  • Blog feed & scroll information panels
    • The blog’s feed is RSS and we use JavaScript to turn that into json before displaying in a JavaScript generated template

Future evolution of the BJ Adams & Co Real Estate Website Design

While the vector for the BJ Adams & Co Real Estate website design is in the hands of its owner.

I would love to see us move the site to a responsive web design. This will improve the smart phone and other small screen users’ experience. Who are by all accounts a growing market.

It would be great if the website moved to a Content Management System like WordPress. Currently the website is maintained by multiple users in Adobe’s Dreamweaver software. Great for smaller websites but not good for this application.

My advice to you is if you are about to start a Real Estate website design or redesign do it in WordPress.