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It’s easy to add Video to your Website!

It’s super easy to create video content to add to your website. This generate interest in your business and drives traffic to your website.

For example if you’re an innkeeper you have plenty of opportunities to create really fun short videos that can cover a range of themes including gardening, cooking, home repair, etc.

All these topics relate directly to your business, and are an interesting way to engage with your current and potential customers.

This example can be applied to any business. Hair Salons could give reviews on products they use and hair care tips. Dentists could give kid friendly tooth brushing tips etcetera …

I have put together a short video on how to poach an egg, it’s just a minute long. Enough time to comunicate my message with out wasting anyone’s time.

Once it plays another quick 45 second video showing you how the first video was shot will auto load. If you want to skip over the first video just scroll down the page and play the second video that’s embedded into the webpage.

How to Poach an Egg by Rew

How the Poach an Egg Video was made