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Online Ticket System using FoxyCart

Foxy Cart

Last week I got to create a fun little ticketing system using FoxyCart for an event at a historic mansion in Virginia.

The Need:

  • The client requested a inexpensive ticketing system that could be integrated into his website with no need for a SSL certificate.
  • Branded Event Tickets needed to be generated and displayed for printing to the purchaser.
  • Each Ticket needed an unique ID number and purchaser’s name printed on it.
  • Client required a spread sheet print out of ticket numbers and names to check against tickets at the event.

The Solution: (XML, PHP, MySQL, FoxyCart, PayPal Payments Pro)

FoxyCart handles the transaction, the SSL certificate and the initial data capture. PayPal Payments Pro handles the behind the scenes credit card processing, but this could have easily been done by any of the major payment gateways.

When the transaction successfully completes FoxyCart displays the receipt page and the buyer goes on their merry way unaware that FoxyCart’s API has sent my ticketing application the all information required for the ticket generation.

Once my PHP ticketing application has the data, in XML format from FoxyCart, it then dumps that information into a MySQL database and generates an email containing a printable ticket along with a link to a web page that will display the ticket for those folks who don’t have support for HTML formatted emails.

My client is kept in the loop by an email form FoxyCart notifying him of the purchase and he is carbon copied on the ticket email from the PHP ticketing application. Additionally I supplied the client with a url to a hidden page that provides a spreadsheet of  Ticket IDs and other information required at the event gate to ensure that tickets are not counterfeited.

If you have never heard of FoxyCart check them out at http://www.foxycart.com/2-minute-tour.html

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