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OptiBuzz WordPress Theme Demo

The Video’s Transcript:

Hi This is Andrew from Greenville web design and this is a tour of our OptiBuzz theme for WordPress.

The OptiBuzz theme is clean, professional, easy to navigate and comes with many customization options.

We are currently viewing the homepage of the OptiBuzz theme so let me walk you though some of the details and features.

The web page is broken up into the header, navigation bar, slider, right hand widget column, the page’s content area, Sticky Posts Box, contact us form and footer.

The header includes the Logo, Email Newsletter sign up form, background image and tag line. All of which you’ll have access to OptiBuzz theme’s Options Page.

The navigation bar includes a search form and a multi-level drop down navigation menu. The drop down navigation menu works well with the pageMash plug-in and this can be install from within the theme’s Options Page.

The slider requires the smooth slider plug-in again this can be installed from with in the theme’s Options Page. You can choose not to installed the slider and the theme will work just fine with out it.

This is the Widget column, you can removed the entire column on a page when you create or edit it. The Widget can be added and modified in WordPress’s Widget administration page.

The web page content area is populated by WordPress’s Blogging and Content Management System.

Sticky Posts Box can be toggled on or off in the theme’s Options Page, post or pages are added to the Sticky Posts Box using the default WordPress method. (I’ll cover this in another video).

The contact form displays on all pages and can be toggled on or off in the theme’s Options Page.

Both the contact form and the newsletter sign up form are sent to the default email account for the WordPress installation, this can be change in WordPress’s general settings page.

Lets take a look at the theme’s Options Page: (log into the WordPress admin area.)

Assuming you have the OptiBuzz Theme for WordPress already installed, you’ll find the theme’s options in the drop-down panel under the Appearance link.

The Options Page looks through the plug-in’s you have installed in WordPress and if one or both of the two suggested plug-ins, pageMash and Smooth Slider, are missing you’ll be provided with a click to install option, this saves you time looking up the plug-in yourself.

You can skip this if you wish or if you choose to install the plug-in just follow the on screen instructions, activate the plug-in and then return to the OptiBuzz Theme Options Page.

The Options Page is organized to mirror the different areas of the theme, Header, Slider, Sticky Posts, Contact form and Footer.

The Options Page Header options allows you to customize and brand the website with you own logo, header background image (I have provided a link for you to download the Photoshop .psd file to customize or you could create your own just stick to the stated dimensions, oh and for the logo use a transparent background for the best effect). add contact information or tag line to the header, and you can choose to show or hide the newsletter sign up form.

The Content Slider, if installed can be displayed on all the regular pages in your site, this does not include the blog post. By default it’s set up to only show on the homepage, you can change that by unchecked the check-box.

The sticky posts box can be removed from the homepage by unchecked the check-box or you can change the title by editing this form field.

The Contact form can be toggled on or off by using these radio buttons. The data entered by a potential client into the contact form is emailed to the default email address set up during the in the WordPress installation.

You can change this in the general options for the WordPress, if you don’t know where that is just click the link.

But remember that if you navigate away from page before you click save your change will be lost.

The footer’s copyright information can be changed by editing this form field.

This concludes the OptiBuzz theme for WordPress Demonstration.


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