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Be inspired ! By Street artist Joshua Allen Harris

Inflated and Animated
Inflated and Animated
Using the subway exhausts and air vents of New York City to inflate and animate his garbage bag creatures street artist Joshua Allen Harris’ creations are an inspiration to all who walk by.

With few resources and an excess of imagination Joshua is able to make people stop, take a second look, maybe a photo while giving them something to at the very least talk about. Shouldn’t your website do the same?

Video by Jonah Green

Check out http://joshuaallenharris.com for more videos and information.

But it Doesn’t Validate

I have a small pet peeve that I’m going to share with you. On the nights when I finish up a new CSS3 tutorial for Nettuts+ — typically while listening to my favorite Biebster songs — I click publish, and then wait to see how long it’ll take before a reader leaves a comment containing the phrase, “But it doesn’t validate.”

— Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey Way’s article sums the subject of web validation  far more perspicuously then I ever could.


Another Employer who dosen’t get the Web

Read the following ad, and keep in mind they want a Graphic Web Designer, but what they really want is a Graphic Designer/Multimedia Expert/Flash Designer/Probably a Flash ActionScript Guru/Web UI Designer/Programer/Database Administrator/Package Designer/Mac Guy or Gal that some how had time to go to college and work as graphic web designer for 3 – 5 years.

If there is an employee with all the expertise that this Employer requires in this ad they would not be limiting themselves to working in Greenville South Carolina. Any one that they hire cannot be expected to be an expert in all things web, it’s like expecting your Family MD to be your Dentist, Chiropractor, Chemist, Gynecologist, Radiologist, Optometrist and Super Market Bag Boy.

THE UNEDITED AD BELOW & AT http://bit.ly/bjOahV

Acentron is seeking a full time Graphic Web Designer in Greenville, SC to design and maintain web pages related to the production and advertising of our client’s products.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and modifying web pages and other web documents using designs, templates, and content from digital text, graphic files and existing products.
  • Designing, color, laying out and producing artwork and related design work using.
  • Supporting online marketing efforts such as mass emails, search engine optimization, and online advertising-related activities.
  • Acting as backup for other functions in the department including support and development of CD-ROMs, online CEU courses, VHS/DVD videos, and PowerPoint presentations.

Qualified candidates must have a two year degree and 3-5 years of experience in graphic web design. Additional requirements include:

  • Solid experience in graphic applications including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, CS3 and Visual Studio
  • Extensive Mac experience
  • Strong HTML/XHTML, CSS, and web layout and graphic-design skills
  • Excellent knowledge of design layout, and color system
  • ASP.NET and SQL preferred
  • Retail package design experience preferred