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Microsoft wants to kill IE6

Time to put IE6 to bed

Microsoft marks Internet Explorer 6’s tenth year of existence with a campaign to kill it. And the website design world collectively breathes a sigh of relief.

BraaainsA lot of major websites had stopped supporting ie6 as it’s market share dropped from around 30% of IE users in 2008 to 4% as of January 2011. This lack of support may have helped push the ie6 Luddites into upgrading.

Now if only we could kill of ie7 ( released 2006 ) and ie8 ( released March of 2009 ). If you’re using one of the older browsers because of a compatibility issue I would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below.

If you’re using an out dated browser for no reason other then you don’t know how to upgrade or where to go have no fear here is the official upgrade website : microsoft.com/IE9

Microsoft Internet Explorer Market Share Statistics

Sourced from w3schools.com

2011 Total IE 9 IE 8 IE 7 IE 6
January 26.6 % 0.5 % 16.6 % 5.7 % 3.8 %

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