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Easy Sign Up v2

Easy Sign Up WordPress Plugin is about to be upgrade to Version Two

If you don’t have the current version of the easy sign up plugin you can get it from WordPress.org

New easy sign up plugin's options screen

Updates will include:

  • The Default Heading is Gone
    • Just add your own headings in the short code
  • Custom Fast Form Validation
    • No more jQuery
    • I’ve written a very light weight validator that will:
      • Speed up your site
      • Stop clashes with a few other plugins and themes that don’t use the no-conflict mode (more on that later)
  • Added Support for the WordPress Email Functi0n
    • The plugin used to use the native PHP mail function but I have one user who’s host did not allow unauthenticated smtp access on his server. So he used the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin.
      Long story short –  I  wrote a custom script for him.
    • So Rob this on is for you mate 😉
  • Language Translation Support
  • Cleaned Up the User Interface
    • Move the Options link out of the Tools menu and into it’s very own spot
    • New logo and Icons – not that it matters!
  • Added a News Feed
    • This will help you keep up to date on usage tips and up coming updates with out leaving your website

There will be a more new features that I’ll be adding before the launch so bookmark this page if you’re interested.

Also feel free to add any feature suggestions in the comments.

If you would like to translate the plugin into your Native tongue leave a comment.


  1. JonR says:

    Hi Andrew

    Although I’ve not added this wonderful plugin yet, it looks perfect for what I need to do – gather email addresses for folk to gain access to a free downloadable report. I do have two requests though please…

    1) Please can you have a setting (so I dont have to hack any CSS etc) to change the background of the box within which the Name and Email fields sit? (some research has shown that particular colours are more ‘attractive’ to signup than others – and it varies by region!)
    2) Please can you add a setting for us to be able to use either an icon for the button or set the text on the standard button (again, it’s an attention-grabbing thing – see PeterThomson’s squeeze page as an e.g.).

    Many thanks for all the work that must have gone into this, have you a paypal donation button somewhere?
    Warm Regards

    • Rew says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Jon. The original plugin just reverts to the css that is in the theme, my idea was that I don’t want to impose my design on someone else’s site.

      I have had a lot of questions from folks that don’t want to touch CSS but would like to add a custom look to the form. That will be something that I would look at.

      The second suggestion about the button is also a great one. Thanks!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Rew,

    Thank you for responding to my question about aligning the fields on March 21st. You said I would need to edit my theme’s css to change the alignment. I am not s ure WHERE. Is it under the “Main Sidebar” section? If I right align will that then make ALL of my sidebar widgets right-align?

    The issue is for the easy sign up I only have 2 fields: Name and Email but because email is slightly wider than Name, it makes the entry box not QUITE line up with the Name input/entry box. Is there no way to adjust this alignment with the easy sign up code?

    Thanks for your help. –Susan

    • Rew says:

      Hi Susan, your theme’s style sheet should be called styles.css and is found in your themes directory.
      WordPress will allow your to edit it directly via the appearance > edit menu in your admin area. link to more info: http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_Files

      I suggest that you look at your source code to get the ids or classes that you want to effect in the css.

      eg, the widget’s form has the ID of easy_sign_up_widget so the css may look like this:

      form#easy_sign_up_widget input {float:left;}

      You could get more specific:
      form#easy_sign_up_widget input[type="text"]{ do something here}

      • Susan says:

        Thanks Rew. I am familiar with styles.css. I just figured there would be a css I could edit within the Easy Sign Up plugin.

        THANK YOU for providing the specific details. I’ll look the widget form ID.


        • Susan says:

          Rew, thanks again for your help. I guess I don’t know how to manipulate the css as well as I thought I did. When I put:

          form#easy_sign_up_widget input {float:left;} in there as you suggested, it does align the two input fields but it ALSO throws the “Name” and “Email” labels, along with the “Submit” button over to the right of the fields, all jumbled up. I have tried different input types but I can see no way to manipulate the alignment of the fields without also moving the text labels and the submit button.

          Is there a specific input type i could use, JUST to move/align the fields? (I tried “form”, “field”, “Inputform”, etc…”textarea”)….

          Thanks so much,

          • Rew says:

            Susan try this :

              form#easy_sign_up_widget input[type='text']{

            If it does not working shoot me an email with the URL of the site your working on or post the url here in the comments

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks Rew. When I do that, it jumbles the Name, Email and Submit buttons to the left. You can see it at: http://www.ontimephotos.com –sidebar

    So now the fields are lined up but the labels and button don’t look good. Previously it had each label to the left of each field and the “Submit” button was right below them.


    • Rew says:

      Hi Susan,

      The next version, coming out next week changes the widget formatting.
      I’ll be removing the error text and just coloring the input boxes, light red for an error light green for correct.
      The input boxes will float automatically and the send button will be correctly spaced below.

      The reason that I am tell you this is because the css code below will be obsolete if you do the update, and you may want to remove it then.
      The submit button is not positioned perfectly below, but this will be fixed in the next update.

      form#easy_sign_up_widget input[type='text'] { float: right; }
      form#easy_sign_up_widget br { float: none;clear: both; }
      form#easy_sign_up_widget label.error{ display:inline-block;width:100%} /* Error labels */

  4. Lee says:

    Are we able to add more fields to the form and include the field info in auto-responder?

    Can an image be placed into the auto-responder via html or other method?

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