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WordPress 3.2 Requirements

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According to the guys at WordPress, June 30, 2011 is the drop date for WordPress 3.2. Giggity!

The good news is the improvements to existing features and faster page loads is the mantra of this version.

The not so good news it WordPress 3.2 will be dropping support for:

  • PHP version 5.1 and below, 5.2 will be the minimum.
  • You’ll need MySQL version 5.0.15 or above running the database

They’ll also be dropping support for IE 6 and phasing out IE 7 support. Yes! A cheer erupts from the designers of the world.

So the question is:

Are you ready for WordPress 3.2?

If your not sure your server meets the minimum requrements for 3.2 I created a WordPress Plugin to let you know.

Do you need help upgrading?

Most hosting companies will help you upgrade your server, sometimes it’s as simple as telling the server in your .htaccess file to treat all the .php extension as PHP 5.

If you need help upgrading and don’t know where to start contact me at 1 864 735 8378 or email me at rew@rixom.org
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