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I love the new version of Firefox

If you haven’t updated to Firefox version 4, please do. Firefox 4 has some big security updates.

Firefox is not alone here – all the major browsers regularly release security updates.

Security is great but the new look has me super happy! Sure it’s a total Chrome knock off, but why not?

Like Chrome it’s all about the Tabs – gone are the clunky Windows style toolbar and space hogging icons.

You’ll find in their place nothing but Tabs.

Screenshot FF4 Chrome
Brothers from another Mother - Chrome along side FireFox 4 on a mac


I had switched to Google’s Chrome because it was way faster and seemed more utilitarian then Firefox v3.

Chrome V10 is still faster then FF4 so I dont think I’ll switch back for personal use.

But I’ll still ended up using Firefox every day for work. Because of the web development and SEO Firefox extensions make it invaluable tool.


  1. Do you keep a copy of an older version of Firefox to check on bugs?

    Like installing vm’s to test on 4 (can you believe it’s four right now!) different copies of IE.

    • Rew says:

      Hi Jen! I don’t bother with older versions of FX – only because they auto update. But I do run an XP and Vista PC to check mys sites on.

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