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Sunday fun: WPBnB Logo

image credit: Wikipedia

Working on a new project called wpBnB, eventually this will be a website resource for folks who run a Bed and Breakfast.

The main focus of the website will be around using WordPress for the BnB’s website, but there will be a lot of good articles and tips to giving value to anyone in the Bed and Breakfast industry.

Well, that’s the idea!

For the logo, I started thinking about the humble pineapple. A symbol of welcome and hospitality.

During early Colonial days in the United States, families would set a fresh pineapple… This symbolized the utmost in welcome and hospitality to the visitor.

Symbolism of the Pineapple

The more I worked the logo the more it looked like the classic Lucky Strike logo.


Still not sure where go from here but I doubt that this will be the last iteration of the logo.

Update, Finalising the logo:

Still working it
Final logo