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Thomas Gagné Logos

Refreshed Website & Logo

Launched last week a refreshed website for one of Greenville SC’s top Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. WordPress is the content manager behind the website and the team at Thomas Gagné Law Office is very happy with it.


Photo: Greenville County Museum of art

Took a ride into town on Thursday and ended up at the County library. In the last 8 years, I may have only visited it twice. I renewed my card and paid a small fine. I also made a promise to myself to visit at least once a month it really is a wonderful resource.

While I was exploring the area around the Library I took a few photos, this one is of a sculpture adjacent to the Greenville County Museum of art is the best shot of the day so I thought I would share it here.

New design: BeforeSite.com

Just pushed up a new look for the BeforeSite WordPress plugin e-commerce website.

If you’re not familiar with BeforeSite, this is where I sell plugins that integrate and extend my free Easy Sign Up plugin.

The Easy Sign Up plugin just passed 100 000 downloads and to celebrate I am offering a 15% discount on all the extra’s at BeforeSite.com use coupon 100K!

Fell free to tell me what you think about the design in the comments, for more information on what I used to create the website have a look at the portfolio page.


Sunday fun: WPBnB Logo

image credit: Wikipedia

Working on a new project called wpBnB, eventually this will be a website resource for folks who run a Bed and Breakfast.

The main focus of the website will be around using WordPress for the BnB’s website, but there will be a lot of good articles and tips to giving value to anyone in the Bed and Breakfast industry.

Well, that’s the idea!

For the logo, I started thinking about the humble pineapple. A symbol of welcome and hospitality.

During early Colonial days in the United States, families would set a fresh pineapple… This symbolized the utmost in welcome and hospitality to the visitor.

Symbolism of the Pineapple

The more I worked the logo the more it looked like the classic Lucky Strike logo.


Still not sure where go from here but I doubt that this will be the last iteration of the logo.

Update, Finalising the logo:

Still working it
Final logo