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Easy Sign Up v2

Easy Sign Up WordPress Plugin is about to be upgrade to Version Two

If you don’t have the current version of the easy sign up plugin you can get it from WordPress.org

New easy sign up plugin's options screen

Updates will include:

  • The Default Heading is Gone
    • Just add your own headings in the short code
  • Custom Fast Form Validation
    • No more jQuery
    • I’ve written a very light weight validator that will:
      • Speed up your site
      • Stop clashes with a few other plugins and themes that don’t use the no-conflict mode (more on that later)
  • Added Support for the WordPress Email Functi0n
    • The plugin used to use the native PHP mail function but I have one user who’s host did not allow unauthenticated smtp access on his server. So he used the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin.
      Long story short –  I  wrote a custom script for him.
    • So Rob this on is for you mate 😉
  • Language Translation Support
  • Cleaned Up the User Interface
    • Move the Options link out of the Tools menu and into it’s very own spot
    • New logo and Icons – not that it matters!
  • Added a News Feed
    • This will help you keep up to date on usage tips and up coming updates with out leaving your website

There will be a more new features that I’ll be adding before the launch so bookmark this page if you’re interested.

Also feel free to add any feature suggestions in the comments.

If you would like to translate the plugin into your Native tongue leave a comment.

Online Ticket System using FoxyCart

Foxy Cart

Last week I got to create a fun little ticketing system using FoxyCart for an event at a historic mansion in Virginia.

The Need:

  • The client requested a inexpensive ticketing system that could be integrated into his website with no need for a SSL certificate.
  • Branded Event Tickets needed to be generated and displayed for printing to the purchaser.
  • Each Ticket needed an unique ID number and purchaser’s name printed on it.
  • Client required a spread sheet print out of ticket numbers and names to check against tickets at the event.

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Before Site

Before Site is a service targeted at great graphic designers who need an inexpensive web developer.

The Logo was created in Adobe Illustrator.
The Web Site was laid out in Adobe PhotoShop.

The site makes use of the following web technologies:

  • Valid xHTML
  • Cascading Style Sheets, CSS2 and CSS3
  • JQuery the JavaScript framework
  • PHP5 with the Code Igniter php Framework
  • MySQL database
  • PayPal Shopping Cart

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Sherrill Designs

Sherrill Designs WebsiteSherrill is a Colorado artist who designs and creates jewelry, she has a knack for recycling old jewelry and turning them into unique one-of-a-kind piece. The challenge was to create a website with a shopping cart as unique as Sherrill’s designs.

The Solution (ASP, Database & PayPal)

The website was designed to be funky and feminine to parallel Sherrill’s jewelry.

I incorporated a custom built shopping cart as the “off the shelf” options would have compromised the design and made it look like a template or cookie cutter website, which was definitely not the goal of the website.